July 18th, 2014


Okay, I have never written something like this before, because I don’t think “Anti-Feminism” is some kind of rigid ideology, creed, religion, or doctrine, even a real “ism”. I think it’s just an umbrella term for people who think there is something seriously wrong with the actions of people…

  • Equal rights for the most part IN WESTERN SOCIETIES -what about the rest of the world?- exist because…duh, some women fought, demonstrated, were jailed, became outcasts for you to cherish them now. Well done, for sitting in your living room (or your kitchen, since you seems so proud about it) and mocking a movement who granted you these rights!
  • Cencorship is an issue that must be challenged BUT you can’t lump all the waves of feminism (the second one is the most hardcore concerning ban of porn) or even million of people within the same ‘wave’. Please do some study and refrain from generalizations. Also, not wanting media to excuse rapists or platforms to promote slut-shaming isn’t cencorship fyi. We talk about hurtful words, hello.
  • Victim Cult -uhm so what about reality? How should victims call themselves? Happy fairies? It’s not like being sexually harassed or raped is dismissed despite laws out there. It’s not that your own mother might turn a blind eye to your (step)father raping you or hitting you over the years. There’s no way anyone will not call you a liar or mock you as being ‘ruined goods’. RIGHT? Should we shut up and burry the problems THAT EXIST under the rug?
  • Inequality isn’t the situation where you are deaf and you’re given a hearing aid. I’m interesting in seeing evidence that feminists ask for ‘special previleges’ for women…
  • Saying feminism is de facto discriminatory based on etymology is like saying Marxism is only for men called Marx. Feminism was and is preoccupied with elevating the situation of women and solving their problems. But beyond the fact that women don’t exist in a vacuum -namely everyone should help and change mentalities and practices-, the term also has its meaning expanded. You display once again the igrorance of feminist sites like The Good Men Project or the discussions about how men are harmed by sexism, too (see, depression as the outcome of the need to prove masculinity, homophobia).
  • A majority of men (who don’t have vagina nor have to go through the consequences of unwanted pregnancy) deciding that your boss can deprive you of a medication concerning your body and your choice of reproduction is Patriarchy Fantasy
  • Gender roles only for men? Please don’t make stuff up? Women talking about equality and then having their boyfriend pay their eating out aren’t feminists no matter what they say. The end. Also, poor men on streets wasn’t ever excluded as a problem of feminism. The ‘obsession’ with rich men is obviously because they are the ones in power and can contribute to state welfare which -surprise!- helps poor men, too.
  • When making claims about equal pay be ready to provide valid sources. I’m really sorry you are so lazy that you don’t pay attention when feminists analyze this topic. Here, I’ll have it written for you to read: “a majority of the pay gap between men and women actually comes from differences within occupations, not between them — and widens in the highest-paying ones like business, law and medicine, according to data fromClaudia Goldin, a Harvard University labor economist and a leading scholar on women and the economy.” (source). Study, study, study!
  • Uhm elitism isn’t voicing your concerns towards people with power/from the elite. Definition failure here. Not to mention blatant lies: rapists and sexual harassers and generally sexist people are not white rich men only. They aren’t men only either *cough*Ican’tbreathefrom alltheslutshaminghere*cough*
  • Reclaiming a word isn’t being hypocrite. Calling your partner a slut when they ask so for sexual gratification isn’t wrong. Calling yourself a slut in a fashion that denotes you don’t give a damn about what others call you about how you dress or with how many partners you sleep isn’t wrong either. Calling other people ‘sluts’ coz you are messed up in the head and you believe that women should stay virgins or dress a certain way or ‘scientifically’ they have lower libido is a problem. No contrast here, really. Do yourself a favor and watch this video
  • Makeup, shaving, wearing pink, and more are all “crimes against feminism” and punishable by social attacks.” -Where do you live? What do you read? Again oversimplifications to justify your hate. 
  • Rape culture Fantasy is an illusion lolz! Dunno about you but my parents told me not to deny my husband sex and how women in skimpy clothes want to be raped and how men can’t get raped; my partner heard other men saying when in the army that there’s no such thing like a rape -all women want it; teens whisper to one another what they heard from their parents and magazines write about how women say ‘no’ and mean ‘yes’. Talking about rape on your page there was a tumbler who couldn’t get how being drunk means that you aren’t in a state where you can give consent, so “it’s not rape”. The person with the penis is like a person with a knife when there’s no clear ‘yes’ from the other party, so the person with the weapon should not use it and is the one commiting the crime. That said there’s no profit in talking about sth so abstract like a culture. We should blame rapists for commiting such a crime. 
  • Your exact rape statistics. As I said over and over again, read, study, search! And don’t forget that due to the social stigma many cases go unreported.
  • Abortion isn’t about empowerment. Abortion is a /personal/ choice that concerns your own body and life before everything else. You have an already established life that can go to hell while the fetus inside you doesn’t. Being pregnant might mean loss of your job, tighter finances or/and having to live with the result of a rape (possibly). Abortion is about not letting others decide for you and disempower you. Also, reminder: you don’t call a yolk chicken. You don’t want it, don’t do it! But you can’t prevent other women from doing it!

I’ll add some bullets coz I want to pinpoint some things I saw here:

  • Although I see you don’t like dictionaries, open one to find out that gender and sex are two different things. The one is socially made up (did you know that light blue was once the color for baby girls?), the other is biology (hormones, genitals, perhaps sceleton). So this ‘argument’ that men and women have different skills and that old tale that men were the hunters therefore they have certain skills developed? Forget it and relearn!
  • I noticed an emphasis on domesticity. If you like cooking and taking care of your family, that’s fine as an activity. People who call you names based on that are not right in doing so. But do remember that being financial dependent on anyone can be harmful (eg. domestic abuse or finding yourself in poverty once the ‘head of the house’ is dead/sick) and no matter how you golden the pill the money you spend aren’t yours. Consider these questions: Where’s your pride as a human being asking money to buy any little thing, eg. a panty? Is staying at home all your life an experience that helps you grow as a person? And always remember: what you like shouldn’t be the rule for anyone.
  • There’s this misunderstanding that we want to “ape men from board rooms to bedroom”. We don’t idolize men. Saying that we have the same right to do what they do without negative comments isn’t aping. What (cis het) men did traditionally for centuries was that they had for the most part the freedom to do what they wanted with their lives. Using the word ‘aping’ on the other hand implies that men by default own certain behaviors and positions in society and if that isn’t prejudice, I don’t know what is.

Yours truly,

a feminist


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both are issues; who must prioritize? the society? society is consisted by many different groups who all have different concerns; and who’s the vain one to decide which group is more important? — this really reminds me of all the crap about lgbt rights who are a small part of society so who gives a shit, right? 


Submitted by a fan! 

submit your pic. All photos will remain anonymous.

both are issues; who must prioritize? the society? society is consisted by many different groups who all have different concerns; and who’s the vain one to decide which group is more important? — this really reminds me of all the crap about lgbt rights who are a small part of society so who gives a shit, right? 

Welcome to Feminism where “choice” means being told what to think


Feminist: Feminism is defined differently by each woman!

Pro-Life Feminist: Well I choose to be a Pro-Life feminist.

Feminist: YOU STUPID IDIOT! You don’t understand feminism. Only I do. You are not entitled to your own opinion. Your uterus is just a waste of dead cells. Worthless cells! You idiot!

Beyond the exaggerated answer, this is a messed up generalization. Feminism is an ideology shared by millions of people; it’s only natural there are some extreme voices in there. But you can’t equate the faulty bahavior of one with that of a whole group.

Also most importantly, third wave feminists (pls sit down and study the effin thing you hate) say that a woman can make choices for herself. When you say you are pro-life, you don’t talk about yourself, you talk generally about all women. Sorry but you can’t dictate what other women should do with their bodies and lives.

Yours truly


Sayo Yamamoto and Great Female Characters

The anime industry is notoriously dominated by men, and those in the highest positions tend to be older. I think this contributes a lot to the way women are portrayed in anime. Too many female anime characters are disenfranchised and objectified for my liking. So when there’s a talented, young woman who steps into the directors chair I’m curious. And when that young woman director is creating fascinating women, I really sit and take notice. Sayo Yamamoto has only directed two full series (2008’s Michiko & Hatchin and 2012’s Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine), but has contributed to many others, and has quickly proven herself to be a force to be reckoned with.

Fujiko subverted all of my expectations. Yamamoto and crew (including Mari Okada) were tasked with creating an origin story for an iconic character. To venture slightly into spoiler territory, the show had set Fujiko up to have some sort of traumatic past that was threatening her mental stability. I was disappointed in that decision, because it seems like a very well trodden path, and frankly, sexual abuse as a plot device for character development is something I find tiresome. But here’s where having a woman in charge of creative decisions changes everything - Fujiko’s past didn’t make her into a thief, it didn’t make her into a woman who sleeps around, and it isn’t traumatic. Fujiko behaves the way she does because it’s fun. Ultimately, Fujiko is comfortable in her own skin and simply free. This is honestly kind of refreshing for anime, it lets Fujiko be an adult and do adult things without shaming or infantilizing her. 

Like Fujiko who seemed to be in the prison of her own mind, Michiko was in an actual physical prison. She too was a criminal. Michiko’s great flaw was her unending devotion to an ex-boyfriend named Hiroshi. As it was, Hiroshi had a child with another woman a decade in the past. Michiko connects with Hiroshi’s daughter Hana, and goes on a cross-country trip to find the absent man that she loved. But the ultimate message of the show was not one of reunited love. In fact, the majority of the men both women meet along the way are kind of shitty people. Instead, Michiko and Hana form very deep and meaningful relationships with each other and other women they meet along the way. The ultimate point of the show being that despite their differences and frustrations with each other, the most fulfilling relationship they ever had was with each other. As someone who studied at a women’s college, I loved this. Women can form amazing and supportive friendships with each other, and maybe the only other anime I can think of that examines this realistically is Princess Jellyfish.

Yamamoto’s not afraid to craft adult characters with a realistic pride in their appearance. Fujiko and Michiko are both sexy, unapologetically so, and Fujiko in particular is naked a lot. But the difference is in her directing. The women never feel embarrassment over their bodies, there’s no stupid “Gainax bounce,” and they’re both consenting adults. Her choice of camera angles and framing are often less objectifying as well. I don’t mind fanservice in anime when it’s executed in such a manner. Leave it to a woman to not make fanservice feel gross (*cough* Kill la Kill, I love you, but man you’re too much sometimes *cough*)

I really recommend both series as an examination of realistically flawed and multi-faceted women. Her characters are strong, but not immune to heart break. They will beat you in a fight, but sometimes they’ll be outnumbered and lose. As an adult woman, I see myself and women I know in these characters. And when we have a talented woman creating them, we need to celebrate them. I really look forward to Yamamoto’s work in the future. It’s about time we had a real feminist bent to our anime.

July 17th, 2014


my hair and i have a very complicated relationship </3

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July 12th, 2014

Kishi Yuko


Kishi Yuko

July 11th, 2014

Zankyou no Terror ending animation by Takeshi Koike

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Zankyou no Terror illustration by Yuki Kodama (Sakamichi no Apollon mangaka)


Zankyou no Terror illustration by Yuki Kodama (Sakamichi no Apollon mangaka)

(Source: terror-in-tokyo.com)

July 9th, 2014

The Sky Is On The Banks Of The Red River - a Red River Review

The Sky Is On The Banks Of The Red River – a Red River Review


The cover is from the German edition; I was upset that the English edition didn’t feature this illustration, because it really gives off the series’ adventure spirit and displays the equal standing of the protagonists.

Once upon a time there was a young girl experiencing her first love in the 21st century in Japan. Back in the 14th BC century in the Hettite empire, a powerful queen schemes to…

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